About BunnyMuffins

Youtube and Discord Partner

I’m BunnyMuffins and I am here to help you improve in TFT, keep you up to date with the meta, and provide guides and commentary on the latest strategies, comps, and builds! Having finished Set 1 with two accounts in Challenger and having coached my friends to Masters, I’m all about improving and learning more about the game.

As a former Hearthstone pro in 2015, I have played in high stakes tournaments against the strongest and most popular players. UNFORTUNATELY, I have noticed a pattern where top players in these games often don’t know how to explain what they do for the broad audience. I am here to simplify high level play so that everyone can learn and apply it to their own games!

I believe that everyone can improve their play by learning all the tricks challenger players know to reach that next tier–just like how my friend climbed to Masters through my guidance!

Reach out on Social Media down below to become a part of an engaged community striving to get better at Teamfight Tactics!