Blue Buff or Spear of Shojin?

List below shows whether Blue Buff or Spear of Shojin is better for each champion.  This takes into account both first cast and subsequent casts.  Blue Buff gives the champion 30 initial mana and 20 mana after casting a spell.  Spear of Shojin gives 15 initial mana and 5 additional mana per auto attack.  I explain how mana works below the table.   Which Item do I build on each TFT… Read More »Blue Buff or Spear of Shojin?

Patch 10.11 Rundown

Patch 10.11 Preview from Riot Mort by bunnymuffins May 24, 2020 All changes are tentative and subject to change. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/mortdog New Galaxy!Little Little Legends: Little legends are smaller and faster, and start with only 85 hp Trait Changes Chono 8/4/2 -> 8/3.5/1.5 seconds per Attack Speed Burst Infiltrator Now jump immediately at the start of the combat instead of with a small delay (Vanguard positioned in back line will be able… Read More »Patch 10.11 Rundown

How to Play Cybernetics in 5 Minutes

Introduce Comp If you ever wanted to play a consistent composition and learn how to pivot and adapt to different items and champions, Cybernetics is the comp you are looking for. The Core Build The core build is reached at 8 units. 6 Cybernetics with an additional Blademaster and Blaster. Two popular combinations are either Shen + Ezreal or Miss Fortune + Kayle. Shen and Ezreal are cheaper and more… Read More »How to Play Cybernetics in 5 Minutes

Rebels Guide – High Risk, High Reward

INTRODUCTION With buffs to Jinx, Aurelion Sol, Gangplank, Ziggs, and Yasuo in patch 10.9 and 10.10, rebels have established themselves as a strong late game composition with Jinx being the main carry. It often places 1st or 2nd given the right circumstances. Rebel is a trait that gives 150 Shield & 10% Damage at 3 rebels and 210 Shield & 12% Damage at 6 rebels for every adjacent rebel.  The… Read More »Rebels Guide – High Risk, High Reward

tft break the meta polt starcraft

How a Starcraft 2 Player Broke the Meta

For most of Set 3, everyone has primarily utilized two leveling strategies: Fast 8 and Slow Roll. With the introduction of Patch 10.9, we started to see some Hyper Roll. We all know how insane these compositions can feel–we see the 6 team synergies hitting their stride at level 8 every game, or we see a ton of 3 star units in stage 3 from the hyper and slow rollers.… Read More »How a Starcraft 2 Player Broke the Meta

Patch 10.10 Preview from Riot Mort

All changes are tentative and subject to change. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/mortdog New Galaxy! Galactic Armory: All players start with the same 2 completed items. Other System Changes: Superdense Galaxy now grants a free Force of Nature at Stage 3-1 instead of reaching Level 5. If you attempt to use a Neeko’s help on a champ with no copies left in the bag, you’ll see an error message. Reduced the chances of… Read More »Patch 10.10 Preview from Riot Mort